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What is Donor Shield?

Learn more about the Donor Shield living donor assistance program, which offers a wide range of financial assistance, protection and support to living donors.

Why Does Donor Shield Exist?

Donor Shield was created to remove disincentives to living kidney donation. Learn why Donor Shield was created and how it helps living kidney donors.

Lost Wage Reimbursement

To help offset any lost wages resulting from donation-related time off work, Donor Shield offers reimbursement of lost wages, up to a maximum of $2,000 per week for up to six weeks. 

Travel & Lodging Reimbursement

Donor Shield offers living donor financial assistance to cover donation-related expenses for travel, lodging, and meals for the donor and an accompanying caregiver, as well as dependent care (for children or adult dependents of the donor) when the donor is away from home during the donation process and when they are home recovering after the donation surgery.

Kidney Prioritization

Learn more about the kidney prioritization protection offered by Donor Shield, which puts living kidney donors at the top of the list to find a living donor in the unlikely event they ever need a transplant in the future.

Voucher Program

Voucher donation allows a donor to donate now to help someone in need of a kidney transplant while providing one or more vouchers that can be activated in the future for a living donor kidney transplant.

Donor Connect

Donor Connect is a free, optional program offered by the National Kidney Registry that gives donor candidates the ability to speak with a donor mentor. 

Best Kidney Match

Donor Shield includes access to the latest kidney-matching technology to ensure your kidney goes to the best-matched recipient, which increases the chances of a successful, long-lasting transplant.

Legal Support

Donor Shield offers free legal support for unlawful employment termination, health insurance discrimination, life insurance discrimination, or other issues directly related to kidney donation.

Complication Protection

If a donor covered by Donor Shield has donation-related complications after the donation surgery, Donor Shield ensures that related costs, including medical expenses, lost wages and travel costs, are covered.

Home Blood Draws

With home blood draws, a phlebotomist comes directly to the donor’s home or place of employment, eliminating unnecessary trips to the transplant center.

What is the Family Voucher Program?

Learn how you can donate your kidney to someone in need of a transplant while protecting your family in the future.

What is the Standard Voucher Program?

Learn how you can donate your kidney on behalf of your intended recipient to get them the best match.