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Donor Connect Living Donor Assistance from a Donor Mentor

Donor Connect is a free, optional program offered by the National Kidney Registry that gives donor candidates the option to speak with a donor mentor. A donor mentor is a living kidney donor who can explain the process, answer questions, offer insights, and provide education based on their own kidney donation experience. Donor mentors can answer questions about a wide range of topics related to living kidney donation, including:

  • How to talk to your family about your decision to donate
  • Support, assistance, and resources available to living donors
  • The testing you’ll undergo to be approved as a donor
  • What to expect during the donor surgery
  • The recovery process and life after donation

Donor mentors are assigned as part of the donor registration process, though you may opt out if you do not wish to be connected with a donor mentor.

* Donors must register through an NKR website to receive this living donor assistance.