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Best Kidney Match The Latest Kidney-Matching Technology to Maximize the Impact of Your Donation

Living donor assistance offered by Donor Shield includes access to the latest kidney-matching technology to ensure your kidney goes to the best-matched recipient, which increases the chances of a successful, long-lasting transplant.

When you donate through the National Kidney Registry, you can be sure that your kidney will be matched in a way that maximizes the impact of your donation. This is evidenced by the fact that NKR outcomes are better than the typical living donor transplant outcomes in the United States in spite of much more difficult cases.

The NKR has the ability to find better matches and achieve better transplant outcomes due to the large pool of living donors, a commitment to research, and system development efforts focused on improving the donor-recipient match, primarily driven by the Kidney for Life initiative. Our goal is for NKR-facilitated transplants to last for the patient’s lifetime while allowing for lower immunosuppression.